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iCare Intelligent Home Care Solutions Launches Military Veteran Franchising Discount Program

iCare Intelligent Home Care Solutions Launches Military Veteran Franchising Discount Program

This article was published by www.franchising.com on November 12, 2014. View the original article in full here.

Qualified United States and Canadian Military Veterans are Eligible for 10 Percent/$1,990 Discount on the iCare Franchise Fee

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. - iCare Intelligent Home Care Solutions, the Pompano Beach-based in-home care franchise that provides intelligent home care solutions to seniors, announced the launch of a new franchise discount program available to qualified U.S. and Canadian military veterans. Prospective franchisees who qualify receive a 10 percent discount off of the standard new franchise fee of $19,900. The program offers veterans a $1,990 savings and represents iCare's heartfelt way of thanking veterans for the sacrifices they have made for their countries.

Growing Business Opportunities in the Home Care Sector

As our population ages, business opportunities in the home and health care sectors are growing. With the number of people over the age of 65 increasing year after year, the need for non-medical home care services is a booming market. Many seniors do not yet require round-the-clock medical care, which makes non-medical in-home care a great compromise. Companies like iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions have identified this niche and are working to promote rewarding business opportunities in this developing market.

Build An At Home Business As A Home Care Provider

Home care can be a great option for seniors who require assistance with daily tasks, but are not yet ready for full time care. As our population ages, the need for accessible in home services like non-medical home care is increasing. If you’re looking for a small business opportunity with potential for growth, a home care franchise could be a great option.

What are some of the advantages of choosing a home care franchise?

Helping Seniors With A Home Care Franchise

The senior population is growing year after year, and with it the need for quality home care is increasing. Many seniors could benefit from remaining in a comfortable and familiar environment, but don’t necessarily have the support they need to remain in their home. Home care offers assistance and companionship to seniors, and provides family members with peace of mind. If you enjoy helping others and are looking for an opportunity to work from home, a home care franchise could be the perfect solution.

CEO Bill Redfern Featured in Inc. Magazine

Our CEO, Bill Redfern, was recently featured in Inc. Magazine, a premier publication for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Here, Bill offers some sage advice about the value of preparation and the power of being present in your day-to-day work.

“Scrambling to deal with unplanned eventualities doesn't just sap your sense of control, it also divides your attention (and, if it's really out of hand, can even bring on panic). Having everything you need within reach helps keep you calm and focused, according to Bill Redfern, CEO and founder of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections.

"I'm much more present with my team. If you look at your day as one big project, it can get overwhelming. But once you break up each component into smaller items, it's easier to prioritize," he explained to Inc.com. That clear-headedness is good for Redfern and his work, but he insists it also helps him be a better leader and bring out the best in his people. "The role of the CEO is to utilize the talent around you — that's a critical part of mise en place," he says.”

See the full article from Inc. Magazine here

Starting Your Career in the Home Care Business

With an aging population, the need for non-medical home care services is becoming increasingly urgent. Many seniors are not yet ready for round-the-clock care, but could benefit from assistance with routine daily activities like home making, home support, and personal care. This demand has created an excellent opportunity for growth in the home care business. 

So, why choose a home care franchise? Here are 5 reasons to consider:

iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions Will Provide Natural Referral Stream For A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Franchisees

Bill Redfern, CEO of A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, is pleased with the natural referral stream that his new iCare concept will offer A Buyer's Choice franchisees.

"The first step for every new iCare client acceptance is an in-home assessment which will determine safety and upgrades that may be required for a person to remain safely in his or her own home," Redfern explained. "Many times, this will require the recommendation of a home inspection to identify outstanding maintenance and safety issues as well as an annual or biannual home maintenance follow-up inspection. This would allow the family to plan proactively for ongoing maintenance, repairs or replacements required to stay ahead of any items that many seniors would find stressful. The last thing anyone would want is to have their mom or dad suffering roof leaks, heating system failures or the like when they are trying to maintain a quality of life at home. As we develop new brand opportunities, it is critical that they complement one another's services."

iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions Announces Nationwide Expansion Through New Franchising Initiative

Noted Entrepreneur with Proven Reputation To Launch Home Care Company

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — Bill Redfern is at it again. The serial entrepreneur that has built a reputation for driving the growth of a noted franchise concept has set his sights on iCare – Intelligent Home Care Solutions, an in-home care franchise that provides intelligent home care solutions to seniors. Additionally, iCare is uniquely qualified to provide in-home assistance for anyone in need of short term or long term help.

“With the senior population growing year after year, the need for in-home care has never been greater. Home care assists seniors with staying comfortably in their own home, provides assistance and companionship, and helps relieve family from worrying if their loved ones are okay,” said Redfern. “This is where iCare - Intelligent Home Care Solutions fits in.”


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